Friday, August 12, 2011

Solange Knowles

     Yes, Beyonce's little sister. But she has certainly made a name for her self in the past few years. Solange is one of my biggest inspiration's and I love her. Her style can be described as soulful, alternative, funky, and overall eclectic. Especially as of late. Everyone knows her as a style icon now, but she is indeed a singer. She released her first album: Solo Star in year 2002 and her second Sol-angel and the Hadley street dreams in year 2008. Both album tiles a clever reference to her unique name, I hadn't listened to first nor do I remember the single off that album But I love the second album. I love R&B and Soul music, and Solange's second studio album captures that perfectly. The album also defines who she is, with the first track "God given name". On which she states: "I’m not becoming expectations, I’m not her and never will be. Two girls going in different directions, Striving towards the same galaxy. Let my star light shine on its own.No, I’m no sister, Just my God given name" addressing comparisons to her older sister.

   But now, Solange Knowles is a Fashionista, a trendsetter, and a DJ. She DJ's at clubs, parties, and has even done a party in London. Solange is using her fame to make guest appearances everywhere and using her style to make a statement while doing it. She was recently spotted keeping the party rockin’ at the Bean Pole/Kim Jones block party at the Opening Ceremony store New York City. She is an inspiration to all girls like me and not by just the way she dresses but her hair as well. Over a year ago Solange cut all her hair off and as it grew back she got Box Braids. I love braids, as you probably already know, and due to the trend of "Going natural" many others a getting their hair braided and basing the styles they want on Solange's hair. Here are a few of my favorite photos of Ms. Solange Knowles:



I think I’m in love with Solange Knowles

Now, I love her as a Fashionista/Hipster/DJ but I'd love for her to release another album. I'm really hoping she does.

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