Monday, May 2, 2011

Astrology is NOT a science

    Astrology as in the study of moons and stars and how they relate to humans based on when  they were born. It has not been proven as a science yet people still believe in it. There is so much hype in reading ones horoscope. everyone knows their sign, everyone knows which sign they get along with and which signs they do not. You can check your horoscope almost EVERYWHERE. There are apps, articles, websites, advertisements, widgets, everything. Over the years I became wrapped up in the Zodiac. I memorized the order of signs and what signs people are based on when they were born. I used to check my horoscope everyday. I would also check my compatibility with other signs. Until one day in my philosophy class. It was towards the beginning of the semester and we were discussing good arguments and bad arguments. The example on the board was "My boss is an Aries, so we should get along just fine". I decided to answer this one although I was unsure. I said to the professor that it doesn't seem like a good argument but people do strongly believe in astrology. I was on the fence. My professor said to me that belief doesn't make something true. He gave me an example, he said that there is a group of people in California who believes that the earth is flat. they have created diagrams, maps, and are a legit society. After being told this, besides being embarrassed, my mind changed about the Zodiac. I deleted both horoscope applications off of my phone and stopped checking it. Now i still read up on zodiac facts but it does not dictate my life. The month, day, year, week, I was born does not determine who I am as a person. I guess I can blame my mother for my obsession with the zodiac, she's one of those people who do classify others based on their zodiac sign. For example :
Me- She doesn't like me and I don't know why. We've known each other for a long time
My mother- She's a Sagittarius, they don't get along with Scorpios 
    Personally, I hate labels and I think it's disgusting to classify anyone in anyway. Based on where they live, where they're from, When they were born, their body type, What they wear, etc. it's all wrong !

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