Saturday, May 14, 2011

Look of the week: "A Fedora and Chucks"


I am wearing a vintage sweater, short shorts, tights, chucks, and a fedora(as you can see). I got the vintage sweater form Metropolis NYC, a vintage store in East Village, New York. I bought the owl necklace from a store called Hottie, also in East Village. I had the Converses for about 3 years and they were a gift. The Fedora was a gift to my dad (I stole it from him ;)) and the tights are from Old Navy. I put this outfit together because I knew the weather was going to be pretty nice so I wouldn't need a jacket. I searched tumblr for "vintage sweater" to find outfit ideas and found this photo:

My outfit is of course slightly different but that is what inspiration is about. You're not supposed to copy! Take a style and make it your own :). I hope that I have inspired your fashion ideas and I hope to continue to ;).

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