Monday, May 2, 2011

I hate labels: Part 2

  In my first post entitled "I hate labels" I didn't go too much in detail but I really want to get my point across. It read:
Everyone’s fighting for equality but there’s still segregation within their own communities. As if what we are interested in solely makes us who we are. If I’m defined by my preference or what I like, I might as well only wear the color blue all day every day. And only hang with people who wear my color or colors close to it. Mhmmmm, so if you’re wearing orange I can’t fuck with you.
  People to day are hypocrites. We are all fighting for equality yet we continue to label ourselves. I am all for gay rights and equality in general. A few months ago I went to a club meeting for the life club, which is basically the gay rights club at my school. We sat in a circle and proceeded to introduce ourselves. In these introductions we stated our names, ages, class levels, and sexualities. If you were straight you would be considered an "Ally". As if this is a war and gay/trans-gendered people are one country and straight people are another. That made no sense to me. Aren't we all here for the same thing? What does it matter what I like, who I like, or what I got in between my legs? We are all fighting for the one thing, equality.

  Another problem I have is ethnicity. People always ask each other what country they are from, or what culture they are descendant of. I have no problem answering this but certain people get invasive and judgmental. They ask you where both parents are then where your grandparents are from, then what language you speak and what food you eat. Based on the country you're from they make assumptions and classify you in ways that could be completely wrong. Why? What does it matter the race of my grandfather? Yes, it is part of who I am but it does not define me. One's race/ethnicity/background should be one of those questions you don't ask, because it's not all that serious. We're here now, so why do you care? But I guess we will not be free until we are all equal, we will not be equal until we no longer have to check a box.

with that I give you Lady GaGa's "Born this way" video:

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