Friday, May 20, 2011


       Ahhh fashion. Gotta love it. I love putting on cute outfits, taking photos, and posting them on the internet. I'm still a beginner as a blogger but it has become my life. I also love getting compliments(who doesn't). As you may already know I have an account on as well as Chictopia is pretty similar, you set up a fashion photo blog. 
        Basically Chictopia is a fashion destination website that answers the ultimate question: What looks good on you?What defines you? It is your body shape, your skin tone, your age, and your style preference? By connecting style seekers to trend setters that are similar in shape, size and taste, Chictopia offers a valuable resource for style inspiration and shopping guidance.Chictopia allows users to connect with other stylish users of the same shape and style as themselves. This way, they can learn how to dress from real people like themselves - a more relevant alternative to flipping through magazines filled with models or movie stars.
Chictopia allows local boutiques to list their clothing photos so that you can get a glimpse of products without having to run around town.(via
        So far I've uploaded two pictures. So please fan/follow me :) by clicking the image ;)

Check out my Look Book as well :)

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