Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When parents Shelter their Children

       You know when parents are strict or over protective of their children. This can be both negative and positive, depending on the parents and how they execute their parenting. One negative way is that a child who was sheltered will lash out and rebel once they reach a certain age. Another is that if the parent very strict the child treats the people around them in a mean way, feeling as though it is alright (cough cough violence). This can happen if the parents don't explain themselves or set rules. The first thing children ask is "Why?". When they don't get an answer the parents come off as mean, so of course they don't listen., they think they're being punished for now reason. We are human beings, we're going to question, and we're not going to be satisfied till we get answers(hence the whole religion vs evolution situation). On the other hand, boundaries are important to raise a child that to be productive person in society.... and not break the law. Like with my mother. My mother can be called strict and does have specific rules but there are reasons behind each of them. She has explained to me why I have to do certain things and why I can't do certain things, even if I disagree. A lot of kids my age now-a-days are getting away with things I would be killed for doing. Kids are getting piercings and tattoos, I can't get any until I'm 21(besides earlobe piercings). Kids my age hang out, go to their friends' houses and go to parties. I can't go to a friend's house who my mom doesn't already know (99% of my friends) because my mother doesn't know if their parents condone under-age drinking or drug use, the same things goes for house parties. Which is completely understandable, but these boundaries can back-fire. When am I supposed to have fun? Not necessarily saying that I should make my own mistakes but I should have fun. I'm a freshman in college now and I'm gonna be doing this for a while. According to my mother I will be getting my PhD(which, I heard, takes forever). I'm going to be living with my mother until I finish school. Then after that I will start my career. So, when is she going to let me have my freedom? When i'm an adult. The legal adult age is 25 but that's when I should be starting my career as a teacher. I know my mother may be scared, most parents are. There are a lot of parents who have had unplanned pregnancies, my mother being one of them, and you'll always hear "I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did" blah blah blah. But is me being careful the same thing as me being a nun?

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