Friday, May 20, 2011


Well is the newest social networking site. In this day in age all these social networking sites may become a little superficial and overrated. Parents are scared of their children speaking to stranger and endangering themselves, while children wrap themselves up in these websites and don't focus on whats truly important.Normal people go on facebook for hours, internet addicts are on facebook 24/7 and bloggers like me? forget about it! I have an account on too many websites. Some I frequent daily, others I may forget about. Society today may be skeptical of new social networking sites, especially if they already have accounts on facebook and twitter. What would be the point of a new site? What's cool about PrendsTah? Well, It is amazing! It's still in the testing stage and most of the site is still under construction but already it looks great! It's very similar to facebook but with a hint of twitter and tumblr in it. It's not boring! Facebook has become boring, there is little to no fun on facebook and the spam has gotten out of control. But prendstah is different, This website can truly be a lot of fun.

Look at the relationship status choices:

Posting a status:
Liking a status:

I already made my account and I am in the process of editing it now. :). You should try it out too, friend me: Kearmonie Koalaness :)

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