Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crackle nail polish

I haven't posted about a product in a while so this post is dedicated to The crackle nail polish. What you do is put one solid coat of another nail polish on your nails. Then put the crackle nail polish over it, It dries cracked and your original coat shows through. You can but one at any drug store/pharmacy/ even online.

   So I bought one, used it and my nails looked nothing like in the advertisements. I have no idea why. I may have done it wrong but it still looked different than the photos, not even close. It did have a cool effect, but not the effect I exactly wanted

A few days later, my bestfriend texted me a photo of her nails after she used the nail polish she bought:

  As you can see, her nail polish is a different brand from mine. That must be why hers came out better! But all conspiracy theories to the side, she's been painting her own nails for quite some time and is always creative when she does so. I, on the other hand, have nooooo nail painting skills. But heres a suggestion for everyone, If you use this nail polish put ONE coat(of it) over you initial nail color. just let it dry. Based on my best friends photos, I highly recommend everyone at least try crackle nail polish. Feel free to send me photos at I want this to become a project!


Hica @ Free Blogger said...

yes, i agree with you, when we use a crackle nail polish, we won't get best effect without a creativity... everybody born with different talent. but for some cool product report you can visit this website : Crackle Nail Polish

Crackle Nail Polish said...

Creativity is really important when applying Crackle Nail Polish. If you are not creative, you will not able to utilize its effects.


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