Sunday, September 11, 2011

The importance of children's books

Just thought I'd share another essay with you, from my children's literature class. The Importance of picture books:

     The picture book form of children’s literature is very important for childhood development.
The most important aspect is word association. Just reading words at young age can be
confusing, especially when starting a new book which may have larger words.  Pictures in books
help children to easily identify and recognize nouns and verbs. Another importance of picture
books is that they are attention grabbing. Children, especially at younger ages, are very visual
and animated. Books with bright colors and photos interest children more. The connections made
by children when introduced to said books are the identification and entertainment aspects.
Colors, sounds, animation and comedy all give children the fun circus feeling. The youth is
attracted to what catches their eyes initially and what strikes their interest afterwards. Picture
books are a child’s gateway to the love of reading. Once their attention is grabbed and is
continued to be grabbed the child is sparked to read more and will gradually grow out of picture
books without noticing. 

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