Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 day thought provocation challenge

[Day 06]: Give your 20 favorite songs - why do you like each one?

  1. I would die for you- Prince
  2. I will always love you- Whitney Houston
  3. Lady in my life- Michael Jackson
  4. Ashin' Kusher- Kid Cudi
  5. That's all I ask of you- Raphael Saadiq
  6. Your Body's callin'- R. Kelly
  7. Hair- Lady GaGa
  8. Wanna be startin somethin'- Michael Jackson
  9. Sex me- R. Kelly
  10. Just Good Friends- Michael Jackson
  11. Christmas came today- Chris Brown
  12. Cosmic Journey- Solange
  13. Rude boy- Rihanna
  14. Cold Case Love- Rihanna
  15. Human Nature- Michael Jackson
  16. These Worries- KiD CuDi
  17. All falls down- KanYe West
  18. Beat it- Michael Jackson
  19. The way you make me feel- Michael Jackson
  20. New Day- KanYe & Jay-Z
I LOVE each of these songs for the lyrics as well as the song itself. The each give me a feeling I cannot explain. These are all my favorite artist of all time.

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