Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 Day Thought Provocation Challenge


[Day 01]: Is revenge sometimes justified?
[Day 02]: What is the difference between existence and essence?
[Day 03]: Which is a stronger emotion - anger or love?
[Day 04]: Can insanity bring on more creativity?
[Day 05]: Why does religion bring about so much war?
[Day 06]: Give your 20 favorite songs - why do you like each one?
[Day 07]: Why do we say “I’m sorry” when a person passes away? What exactly are we sorry for?
[Day 08]: At what point are we ‘good enough?’
[Day 09]: Why was is that in a lot of different cultures the men always used to come first and never the women?
[Day 10]: Do you see to believe or believe to see?

I will do this once a week. I realized that lately I haven't posted anything very serious, this challenge will be like a prompt.

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