Sunday, July 10, 2011

All natural for the summer part 2 !

  My hair is naturally thick and DRY ! In this video I discuss what products I'm going to use in my hair and even show you guys how I use it. When most people think natural hair they probably think long curly afro. But that's not always the case, not all women wake up that way. Not all women are Japanese/Native American/Jamaican/German/Irish all in one, I certainly am not and it takes work to get the look I want.

All natural for the summer(Part 2)- Moisturizing my hair

Natural hair is the basically newest trend, a lot people are doing it. It's also a healthy trend, its not "just because" and I love that about it. What I don't like, however is an old trend. The old trend of jumping on the band wagon! Women now-a-days are wearing weaves and wigs to get the natural look! Natural hair is not about the look its the feel. The way you feel inside. It's about embracing who you are naturally and what you were born with. It's about not feeling inferior to what society labels as beautiful. Do NOT fake a fro! Just DON'T.

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