Thursday, July 14, 2011

Have you visited my Box Braid blog lately?
    I can say "Business is booming". This blog is getting a lot of attention in the tumblr world. Running I LOVE Box Braids is very fulfilling, and makes me very happy. As I said in my first post about this blog there are no blogs simply dedicated to Box Braids. The african hair braiding style or other styles similar to it. My blog gets submissions and questions everyday. Bloggers ask me questions about braids and even I learn more. I've discovered styles I've never heard of before and I am inspired everyday by my own blog. One style I learned about through running this blog is Yarn Braids. They are exactly like Box braids except with yarn instead of hair. Yes, YARN. as seen in this photo: 

This is the style I want for my birthday, the end of October, throughout the winter.
senegalese twists
  Another thing I've learned is that Box Braids are making a huge comeback. I created my blog at the perfect time. Women are going natiural and may not want to wear afros everyday or style their hair every morning. Also no one wants to use any chemicals or heat that can damge their hair anymore. Box Braids are the perfect protective style for all hair textures. Braids are cute and work for all occasions. And most of all braids are Versatile.



# self-portrait
an older photo of last years waist length senegalese/kinky twist mix that I fashioned into two buns :-)
senegalese twists

My firsts! Thanks for the inspiration!

you’re welcome :), They look wonderful !
yarn braids

Box braids
All the photos seen here are submissions to the blog and can be seen (along with many more) at Please check out the blog and enjoy. I hope I can inspire you. :).


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