Saturday, July 9, 2011

Look of the week! "Basically Classy"

This look is actually not from this week. Ooops I cheated, lol. But I was going through my photos and I realized that I hadn't blogged about this outfit. I absolutely do not see why not but here we go. This look was casual, comfortable, and also very classy. Most importantly, this look is basic. I think all I need is a Starbucks cup in my hand. The pants, the shoes, and the top tucked in make the outfit almost perfect. I also think my red lipstick and earrings complete the outfit. The pants are from Forever 21, as well as the necklace(with a pair of glasses on it) and the Oxford shoes. The top is from H&m and the jacket is from Old Navy. As you've probably already figured out, you can get this complete look from any nearby mall. It's that simple ! I loved this look and I wouldn't hesitate to wear it. I hope I've inspired you.


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