Thursday, July 28, 2011

How to "pimp-out" your jean jacket !

   About three years ago I got a cropped denim jacket. I wore it all the time, it was cute and went with everything. Last year I noticed a lot of people wearing denim vests so i decided to cut the sleeves off my jacket.

I kept it like this and would also add buttons to it. Last week I thought my vest need more, so I bleached it.
You can bleach your denim jacket too just do what I did :

What you need:
  • Towel/old blanket
  • Clorox bleach
  • A bowl/container of some sort
  • A paint brush

  • Lay the towel or old blanket onto the floor
  • Place jacket on said blanket
  • Pour a small amount of bleach into your container
  • Dip paint brush into bleach and splatter bleach on your jacket
Splatter as much as you want. you can also hold the brush over the jacket & let the bleach drip off onto your jacket

and now... The final result

As I said, I like to add buttons to my jacket. Over the past year I've acquired 8 of them. I have an Urban Word button(which is a poetry organization here in NYC), Three Michael Jackson buttons(which I got from tables in union Square park), A Tumblr reblog button button, an OMGosh button(which I got at Gay Pride), and 4 limited edition Lady GaGa Born This Way buttons( which I bought from this site)

I hope I've inspired you ! 

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