Monday, August 8, 2011

Bloggers rejoice!

There is a social network for us!

   I just stumbled across a site called It is a networking site for bloggers, similar to all social networking sites. But what makes this unique is that you import your blog(s). You set up a profile and link your blog(s) with a description to it, for anyone who views your profile to see. Each time you post something on your blog(s) it appears on your profile. You can add friends as well as follow blows their blogs. You also post a widget to your blog(s) so that anyone can find you on bloggers. There is also a feature to vote for bloggers. If you like them/their blogs, you click the plus sign on their profile.

  There are social networking/dating/blog sites for just about everyone and everything. But is ideal for bloggers. In this day in age everyone's connected someway using the internet and no one has just one account, I certainly do not. I am shocked that I haven't used this site before. I am currently in the process of linking my blogs to my profile and updating other things. I plan to use this site to it's full advantage. It is helpful and fun, well fun for me. If you are a blogger I urge to create an account on and add me ;)

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