Tuesday, August 9, 2011


  You may seen my recent post entitle "Expression". If not check it out here. I discussed expressing one's self artistically. One way I express myself is the way I dress head to toe. Speaking of toe, my favorite brand of sneaker happens to be converse, Chuck Taylor's to be exact. I feel that everyone should own at least one pair chucks, I have four. I plan to get plenty more. Here are photos of my Chucks:

My reason for this post is my friend Mariah's recent YouTube video. Mariah being the woman in charge of MCR Films which I posted about here.

Moral of the story, Converses (Chuck Taylors) are the best sneaker ever invented. If don't have a pair you're probably a one year old. And if not get yours today. They make you COOL! 
But seriously, yea go to http://www.converse.com/

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Poetry of the Day said...

i thought converse was what people did when they spoke to one another. juuust kidding
william shakespeare


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