Sunday, August 7, 2011

South Street seaport

is very fun, especially when you have money... or even if you don't. Like me and my grandmother. The other day we didn't want to be couped up in the house all day so we up and went to South Street Seaport. If you've never been, It is a great shopping area and tourist attraction in Manhattan's lower east side. One of the top "must-see" destinations in the country. There are a lot of fun things to do there, it is also ideal for simple yet enjoyable outings such as dates, playdates, school trips, or just because. Me and my grandmother checked out the store on Fulton street as well as in the Pier 17 mall. We, of course, also enjoyed the view. Here are a few photos I took:

The Brooklyn Bridge 

To learn more about South street seaport and plan your trip go to

and to learn more about the outfit I wore and others go to

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