Tuesday, August 30, 2011


      The latest mixtape from the alternative R&B artist Abel Tesfaye. Better known as The Weeknd. (whom I posted about here) To Thursdays ago this mixtape was released and the internet was buzzing about it. There was no escaping. luckily I downloaded the mixtape before I lost internet at home and I'm going to give you all my personal track by track review.

Track 1) Lonely Star
This song sounds the way you'd think it would based on the title. It is very much his style and single handedly reminiscent of The Weeknd's first mixtape House of Balloons. The song itsel is great but I am not to fond of his voice. He often sings in falsetto but he is basically whining on this whole track. 3.5/5

Track 2)Life of the party*
If hipster was a music genre this song would be IT. Life of the sounds like a party record but this isn't nothing you'll here on Z100. This song combines the alternative rock and R&B feel very well. I really enjoy this song. It's very good is all I can say. 4/5

Track 3) Thursday
THE title track. Has a feel good mood to it. Very smooth/R&B. What you're probably used to after listening to The Weeknd for a while. I like this song. But that's it. It isn't very good. It's ok. 3/5

Track 4) The zone*
Amazing. This song isn't too different from he others but it still stands out. I'm not goping to praise the fact that Drake is on this track but it surely helps. In my opinion Drakes verse on this track is one if it's best. A rap verse compliments the R&B feel of this track especially since it is unexpected. I wouldn't understand how anyone can dislike this. 4.5/5

Track 5) The Birds part 1**
This song is perfect. Exactly what I said for track 8 goes for this song times 10. The birds part 1 is beautiful. I have nothing else to say except that I can listen tot his song forever. 6/5

Track 6) The birds part 2
Now this song fall short. It sounds like exactly what a part 2 to "The birds" shopuld sound like. It's smooth and slow but I feel it's unnecessary. 2.5/5

Track 7)Rolling Stone*
This song has a bit of a satana feel meets Soul music. The guitar on this song is prominent throughout the song. He is not exactly harmonizing on the song, or stretching his voice. He's practically talking, and it works. This is a smooth relaxing song. You can imagine raindrops dripping onto your window whilst you look outside if it aimlessly, listening to this song. 4/5

Track 8) Gone
This song is alternative. I feel it define The Weekend as an artist and is the epitome of his music. This one song is what both his mixtapes are all about. Not just the lyrics, bnut the music. If this song was instrumental it would be just as perfect. I love this song. 5/5

Track 9) Heaven or Las vegas
This song completes the album. A very good close, I feel as if it were a movie. You csn close your eyes and bob your head to this song, uncontrollably. It's a great record and makes me feel better abiut the album as a whole. 3/5

    And that concludes it. Before I Finish this post I want to touch on something else. I've read complaints about The Weeknd's lyrics on All of his tracks. I want to say that he is only 21 years old. his music is truthful and came from his heart, you can tell. Personally I love his music and I cannot wait for his third mixtape. Overall I enjoyed Thursday, I do not feel it is as good as his first mixtape(house of balloons) but it comes close. You can download from his site http://the-weeknd.com/

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