Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I don't know what's worse 13 year olds posting porn or 13 year olds posting those "Thinspo" posts (on tumblr)

  I don't even want to talk about the porn. Except that now child under the age of 18 should be exposed to that. STRAIGHT UP.

  Now about this "Thinspo" crap. I am naturally thin. So you'd probably assume that "I don't get it". Well that's true, I don't get "Thinspiration". I understand that a photo of a skinny white girl may inspire you to be just as thin, hence the term. But I never see highly overweight or obese people post about "thinspiration". I may see overweight people post about working out and loosing weight, but never use that term. The people I see who are heavy into "Thinspiration" are probably only 10-20 pounds overweight. They're the ones with scales and size/weight charts in their descriptions. I only associate the term "Thinspiration" or "Thinspo" with negativity. It's just too much. It probably once was a good thing. Now it seems like an unnecessary brain-wash thing

  Now I'm not trying to call anyone out, but one 13 year old who I am following often reblogs photos of skinny white girls and put the caption "Thin". This seems disgusting to me. She has posted photos of herself and she really doesn't look more than 10 pounds overweight, if any. and she's THIRTEEN. Not only is she 13 but she's Asian. She will NEVER look like the skinny white girls on Tumblr. At age 13 there should never be any worrying about one's weight. You're supposed to fat in middle school! There are way too many people who were "Fat" at age 13 who are slim now(my age, 19) just because that's the way things happened. As long as you stay away from the junk(which all kids should) it should not be a problem. A child focusing on their weight or appearance is sickening. Because like the saying goes "If you don't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else". Being a teenager comes with too much pressure from EVERYONE. Even just in school. Your parents pressure you to do well, your teachers pressure you (9 out of 10 highschool teachers are full of shit) your "Friends" pressure you (even if you don't notice) and the list goes one. The LAST thing a young teenager needs is to be pressuring themselves. Because loving yourself is the greatest love of all. Not trying to sound like a cheesy song you sing at graduation, but sometimes you may feel that that love isn't coming from anywhere else. If you're looking in the mirror yelling about how fat you are, and everyone is yelling at you about everything else you're being torn down. It's defeating, and the last thing a 13 year old needs to wake up every morning feeling defeated. It's sad.

  My main reason for this post, or my obsession with kids picking up horrible ideas/habits from the internet is that I have two younger sisters. One is 13 going on 14 and the other is 11 going on 12. Once I see a kid posting something they I feel they shouldn't, I think of my sisters. At this I point I don't want them exposed to the crap kids there ages are seeing on the internet. I monitor what the do and there is NO WAY IN HELL they're making tumblr accounts. No matter how cool it may seem. As well as other accounts on the internet besides sites that are specifically for children.

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