Friday, August 5, 2011

The Weeknd

  Abel Tesfaye , better known by his stage name The Weeknd is a Toronto-based R&B singer. Songs recorded under The Weeknd name first leaked in late 2010. The Weeknd released a nine-song album, House of Balloons, on 21 March 2011. His style has been classified as "Prog R&B" and "Hipster R&B" based on fans, I would label it as alternative R&B. The album is a part of a trilogy which includes Thursday and Echoes of Silence, to be released in the summer and autumn. The song "High for This" is currently featured in the promo for the final season of the HBO show "Entourage." On June 16, 2011, the album was named as a longlisted nominee for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize. On July 6, the album was named as a short listed (one of ten) nominee for the 2011 award.
   Now for the mixtape "House of Balloons". It is amazing, well in my opinion. If you're into R&B and Alternative, and slow music you'll love it. The songs aren't appropriate for children, but I don't think you'd expect them to be, lol. Anyway, you can really close your eyes and relax to this mixtape. The music is quality and furthest from mediocre. My favorite song on the mixtape is "The Morning". I enjoyed listening to "House of Balloons" the first time and I'm listening to it right now. Also be sure to check out the upcoming mixtape Thursday when it is released. There is still no specific date.

However you may listen to and download "House of Balloons" here:

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