Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The riots in England

   or commonly referred to as the "London Riots" because it all started in London. But over the course of three days riots have broken out in many cities/towns of England such as Birmingham, Nottingham, Tottenham, and Manchester. When I saw photos it immediately reminded me of the Detroit Riots of 1967(which had taken place in Detroit, Michigan). I also believe riots of this sort had happened somewhere else in the US as well, but a long time ago. I've never contemplated this happening now. It's happening right now.

    If you don't already know, the reason for these riots is that a man was killed. A man was unlawfully shot and killed by a police officer. This reminded my of the Sean Bell incident, which happened here in New York about 5 years ago. The incident I'm discussing happened a couple of nights ago in London. The police officer claimed the man shot him first. But forensics show that the policeman shot first, which is wrong. So friends and family of this man held a peaceful protest and eventually the crowd grew bigger. Officers were on duty and slowly the people started to fight. Then, people around London and other major cities in England decided to join in on all the rioting. Buildings are being burnt down, shops are been looted, and it just kept keeps getting worse.

Most of the images I saw may be disturbing, but here is one:
an iconic photo of a woman jumping from her apartment as the building is burning down

  Here is an eye witness account stating that the riots were started after the Police beat down a 16 year old girl seeking answers from them, during the protest.

(alleged video of the attack is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjT68ms)

  This is horrible. I understand the point, but violence is not the answer. I wish we lived in a more peaceful world. I don't want everything to be perfect, but I at least want police officers who wont kill innocent men.This is not the first time this crime has happened, nor is it the first time cities have rioted. It is disgusting that history has only repeated itself in violent, destructive, and monstrous ways. It is disgusting that we have not had another man on the moon, or civil rights movement, or any fight to fight without violence. I've already heard of deaths due to fire. Though still very much awe, I am  keeping the people of England in my prayers. I just want this to end.

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