Sunday, August 7, 2011


   I, Kearmonie, am in many ways artistic. I often label myself as "The artist who can never finish anything". Mostly because I don't finish anything, lol. A lot of my drawings still need work and most of my poems on are unfinished. but that is just based on my criticism, no one else's. Art is simply expression. I even feel that blogging is an art. Blogging is expression, no matter how you blog or what you blog you are expressing yourself. There are many ways one can express themselves thus many art forms. My art forms of choice are drawing, poetry, and blogging. I also like to dance and I will someday play piano, well. I am an artist. Other ways I express myself are through my appearance and I guess my bedroom. You've seen many of my outfits but you can see more on my fashion photo blog You can see hairstyles I've had or will have on &Here are a few photos I've drawn:

This was just a post not only to share who I am but to encourage my readers to express who they are. In any and every way. :). Also to shamelessly plug my other blogs but hey, it's art :)

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