Saturday, August 6, 2011

MCR Films!

    MCR films is an independent film company stationed right here in New York. The owner/founder of MCR Films, Mariah, is going to have several movie nights to fund her company and her dream of opening a movie theater. MCR Films is a small, growing business and is currently overcoming the obstacles that come with that just to stay afloat, but we of course need our fans help! Please Donate whatever you can. This movie night will being the first of many, on August 20th. Come out, support, have fun! Find out more about MCR Films, events, and how you can help out here
  The goal of MCR Films is to create a movie theater for the "people". With cheaper prices, better food and trailers/short films of aspiring filmmakers along with box office moguls showing as well. The walls would be laced with peoples photos of their hobbies or inspirations. I see a movie theater with lots of potential. With NYC affiliates and sponsorships we can fulfill the dream of creating "MARS MULTIPLEX".

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