Thursday, August 11, 2011

When is Natural truly Natural?

  The reason why I am asking When is natural hair truly natural is because of this photo from the blog Natural hair problems. Which poses people describing women with colored as "not natural" as a problem.

  You may be familiar with the latest trend amongst women who typically straighten their hair (using chemicals) : Going Natural. I've been natural my whole life and I'm glad I'm not the only one anymore. I no longer hear friends telling me "Perm your hair !".; We now know that perming/relaxing ones hair is harmful. But When is natural really natural? Everyone knows Natural as ones Natural hair texture like mine, seen here:
But when I go out I notice a lot of natural women with their hair colored, more than not. I've seen a few bright/ridiculous colors, but I mostly see women with their hair colored brown/auburn/dark red. As seen in this photo:
  Don't get me wrong, Dying your hair is not a problem (especially if don't right/professionally). But this is not natural. Natural meaning: existing in or formed by nature. Naturally meaning: in a natural or normal mannerTo me it’s like (not harmfully) straightening your hair. Yes, it’s your hair but you were not born that way. You were not born with colored hair.Whichever way you believe you were put on this earth, you weren't put here with orange hair.
  I'm really not trying to discriminate or outcast anyone. As you know I'm all for equal rights and I'm fully against labels. This is not a big deal. I just want it to be understood how I feel about the matter. Everyone knows or should know rather that colored is not natural(obviously). 

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