Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Facebook is the devil

  Ah Facebook. The #1 social networking site. Everyone has a Facebook account and if someone doesn't they will soon  make one. I made my Facebook about three years ago before all of the "hype". Before Facebook was essential to life. I made an account because I had seen commercials mentioning it and was of course curious. It was cool. You were able to add widget or "boxes" to your profile which were little games, apps, or things that represented. There were tabs on your profile which represented different pages: Your wall, photos, links, and more. Yet the site was still second to Myspace back then(for me anyway). Over the years Facebook underwent many changes. The "boxes" I mentioned earlier were eliminated as well as the "links" tab on everyone's profile, the overall layout of the site was changed completely and there was no fun(in my opinion). Soon Myspace became less popular and everyone was making Facebook accounts. Which I think is the main problem, too many people taking advantage of Facebook. Some people act as if Facebook is their life and post all of their information, other people stalk the profiles of their friends just to pass by time. There is literally nothing else to do. there have been fads such as taking quizzes, become a fan of a page which you agree with, and now groups. The groups are exactly that. For example you can everyone from your school's track team into a group and call it "Edison's track team". Then add everyone from the team to it, anyone who was not initially added can request to be added and one of the member adds that person. You have a group chat with everyone in the group(who is online at the time) and when someone posts on the wall of the group each of the members is notified. Sounds cool right? But there is certainly a negative side. As of late people have been creating purely ignorant groups such as "Brooklyn vs Queens" and putting there friends into the group. On the page people from Brooklyn bash people from Queens and vice versa. It is disgusting. I live in Brooklyn but was born in Queens and I know a lot of people who are the same. I also know a lot of people who live in one borough but have family in the other or who simply visit the other borough. There should be no beef. I know you're probably thinking I should have no problem since I'm not in the group but NO. Because when people on my friends list post on the walls of these ridiculous groups their post and all the comments on the posts appear on my homepage. Facebook is NOT private, unless you send someone a message. But I can see what someone posted on someone else's wall even if I'm not friends with that someone else. It is annoying! Mostly because I don't care. Facebook has a mind of its own, a system where what is supposed to be convenient becomes creepy. It is meant for you to see how your friends are but not totally invade their lives. Also another problem I had with Facebook is that when I deactivated my account then reactivated all of my privacy settings were changed. One was able to Google my name then find my Facebook page. It really stressed me out.
Overall I realized that with Facebook the negative aspects outweighed the positive aspects. Facebook is not my life and I do not need it. Besides, I'm on a bunch of other websites.

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